Your Soul wants you to know who it is.

Your Soul always, without a single doubt, and with complete dedication, wants the best for you. It is incredibly resourceful and just wants your attention and partnership! Maybe you hear yours through dreams or hunches, seeing patterns in numbers or synchronicity, or thru meditation. Our Souls are always trying to steer us right, towards what is best for us and what would be the most fun and fulfilling.

Just like your oldest and best friend, it’s there for you thru thick and thin. And also, just like that best pal that seems to know you better than you know yourself sometimes, it will let you know when you are not listening and working against yourself.

Some of us are doing just that. Most of us are doing it to some degree on a daily basis because it’s all part of the game of growth in life. And some do it to tragic and Soul crushing degrees.

Your purpose, as far as I am concerned and have experienced in my own journey and work over the last 25 years, is to know your Soul. All it wants is that we be and do and have what is the most natural extension of that relationship we can have with it and how to share who you are with the rest of your life.

Like any relationship, it wants attention, respect, communication, barrels of love and joy, and sometimes translation to hear and understand what the other side is saying and wanting in order to feel happy and connected again.

Simply put, your Soul IS your best Soulmate.

I can help you hear it and guide you in ways to fall deeply in love with it thru attention, respect, communication, barrels of love and joy, and Translation.

What I know to be the most important part of my entrepreneurial life is that I am AUTHENTIC and on my soul’s path. When I have that clarity, everything else falls into place. Michelle was THE catalyst, THE channel for me to be able to recognize and receive the “golden thread” of my life’s work and soul’s purpose: “Life is the canvas of my soul.”

Whitney FreyaInternational spirituality and creativity teacher and author

Michelle is fearlessly spiritual!

Star KhecharaInternational entrepreneur and strategist, founder of The Facelift Diet and Passive Income Academy

Michelle is my go to gal when it comes to needing spiritual guidance and assistance. Her readings are powerful, actionable and have been hitting the nail on the head every single time. She’s the witty mic of our souls and a real blessing to the world.

Anna SperlichMindset Strategist, Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Seaker

I received a Soul Translation from Michelle at the beginning of this year. She did a remote healing for me, based upon the message and images she was able to access during that session. The image she shared with me was specifically about an area of my body that she perceived to be in deep need of healing and attention. At that time, I was unaware that I had an undiagnosed illness in that part of my body. I was diagnosed last week with a condition that matched what Michelle had relayed to me in the session. I was impressed by the accuracy of her intuition in this healing work, and I fully believe that Michelle’s remote healing opened the door for me to become aware of the issue and to begin working with it consciously on the physical level

Dena DecastroAstrologer and Spiritual Mentor

Michelle is a deep and gracious listener who is devoted to helping you hear and see the beauty that lies within. You can feel her deep interest and willingness to step with you into the dark places and unknown territories without expectations.  She is pure love. As a devoted listener, Michelle helps you bring out your very best and articulate who you are in a way that you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. In short, if you are looking for a fast track to leveraging who you are out into the world, Michelle will help you see your greatness and put it into a perspective that helps you to shine greatly.

Feroshia KnightMaster Coach and Founder of Coach Training World and Agent 47

I recently had the immense pleasure of receiving a reading from Michelle. I’ve received many and varied readings over the years as they’re somewhat of a proud pleasure of mine (I don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures’!) and I find they’re often very helpful during times of blockages or uncertainly for me. Put simply Michelle’s was one of the best I’ve ever had. Not only was she bang on the money at every step but she delivers her readings with so much love, sensitivity & also humour at times I felt so safe & taken care of. I love you, Michelle and I’m so thrilled I found you. You were absolutely brought here to do this and I urge anyone feeling a call to work with this beautiful lady to answer it – now!

Lisa KavanaughUK Award Winning Caterer and Foodie

I am so amazingly blessed and grateful. I loved your spirit shine gift sharing. I feel so held and it’s just so lilting and sweet to me. Thank you!

Natalie MandranoSalon owner and Master Stylist

Michelle is an amazing clarifier. A word wizard. She always has a way of helping me to see the other side of the coin. A way of helping me to real back in my arrows when I need it, and directing me to fire out more when that is needed too;) She is a visionary, and when she gave some of her super powers to my vision, I felt like we created a masterpiece together. She helped me to dream and create and believe with purpose. You should work with Michelle because she can help you to make your vision to come to fruition. She creates a perfect balance of helping you create your business that is most authentic to your inner desires and exactly who you want to show the world that you are. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Kathy CarlisleFounder of Live Everything Mindful and Photographer

Michelle is the kind of person that just know you were born to meet. Working together with her on my brand has been such a profound and transformative journey, and I just simply could not have reached the stage I’m at now without her help and guidance. The work that Michelle does goes DEEP, and the tools she uses are totally different from anything I have ever seen being applied to the entrepreneur or business zones. It’s like someone taking your soul, explaining it to you, and then translating it into a beautiful brand that you can see, feel, hear and smell. The insights I have gotten from Michelle have improved my brand 1000 fold, and made huge changes in my personal life. I understand myself a lot more, and this really shines through in my work. She is incredible!! And so loving, generous and humble with her gifts. I am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart and know I will be seeking her guidance for years to come, both as my self and my brand devlopes. Thank you Michelle!

Alex WalshFounder of Rooted Sun

I contacted Michelle as I had been going though so many conflicts recently, and was looking for guidance on my path. Michelle is a woman that I fell immediately in love with. Her warmth and playfulness put me at such ease. I felt that I had known her for years! Michelle’s Soul Translation, it is so much more than any reading I have ever had. It is more like a Trance-Mission. I felt myself able to leave my concerns behind as she painted a rich and colorful tapestry full of possibility and wisdom which allowed me to connect to deeper aspects of myself. Thank you Michelle, for your loving and generous spirit. It’s such an affirmation and relief to know I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to be. I feel such freedom and a weight off my shoulders.

Beth Anne FischbergAuthor, Luminista Mentor at Your Magentic Presence

Wow, thank you so much Michelle – I’m pretty speechless! I’ve watched it three times in a row, and still so much to sink in. Incredible talent you have, and just what I needed right now (but isn’t that always the way?!)  Fabulous, just fabulous. Huge gratitude for such a generous gift. Michelle has an extraordinary talent; not just one, in fact, but several. Not only can she connect in on a very deep level across the world (distance no object), everything is delivered with such genuine warmth and care that you feel you have known her as a friend for years! I was truly left speechless by Michelle’s accuracy, inspired by her passion for supporting others, and very grateful to have stumbled across such a wonderful spiritual sister. If you have a chance to learn from Michelle or be guided by her, don’t hesitate!

Jane HuttonHealth educator and The Functional Foodie

Michelle’s reading for me just blew me away with its accuracy and depth. The first thing that came through was one of my private personal symbols that I rarely talk to anyone about – rainbows. Then all sorts of other symbols came through and I knew just what they meant. Fabulous messages to help me heal my heart. Wonderful confirmation that I have been hearing and following my guidance clearly. When it’s time for my next reading, Michelle is my go-to gal and no mistake. She works from a space of such deep heart centered connectedness it’s humbling to listen to and watch her in action. I thought I was quite good at listening to Spirit, but Michelle is at a whole other level. If you get a chance to have a reading with her, grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it!

Tania AngelisMoney Confidence Coach and EFT Practitioner

I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of receiving 2 readings from Michelle, one dealing with questions related to my dissertation research and another focusing on my husband’s new real estate venture. Both readings provided valuable, articulate, meaningful and inspirational insights. Although my husband tends toward skepticism and also works in the conventional world of real estate, he was very impressed with the accuracy of this reading and really resonated with what Michelle “saw”. He has since referred to Michelle’s reading and vision of what is essential for building a strong business team, several times. He has also taken the intuitive “hits” (colors & numerology) and asked his graphic designer to apply these to some of the new marketing materials. Michelle’s intuitive abilities and her skill at being able to tap into and articulate non-ordinary levels of consciousness are rare gifts that will bedazzle, benefit and bless those who seek her soulFULL heartFULL mindFULL wisdom, whether personally or professionally.

Karla and Kemal HankesGrief Couselor and Real Estate Manager

Dear Michelle, your soul translation reading for me was really wonderful. Even we haven’t met before, I felt, that you saw the core of my being. The pictures you gave me were easy to understand for me, and especially one of them touched me so much, that immediatly my tears came, because I felt so seen! Ah, and very important: The way you speak to me, your very obviously a very loving being … gives me such a good feeling of – no matter what you say, no matter if the images fit or not, everything is going to be OK. There is no need to be afraid of hearing something, that I don’t want to hear … because the channel is just a loving one. Thank you so much.


Michelle gave me a Soul Translation reading when I was part of an eating disorder recovery group. Michelle immediately stated something so fundamental to my core, I was firstly completely taken aback since we have never met, which was swiftly followed by a sense of glowing inspiration and spirituality. This made Michelle’s reading so meaningful to me. The reading left me feeling full of warmth, and love and energy, which I was able to incorporate as part of my progress freeing myself from my eating disorder. Michelle’s delivery and communication is so full of warmth and love that I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Michelle!’


Michelle is simply brilliant! When I hired her in late 2013 to help me identify a business name and brand for my ADU Design business, she simply blew me away by her amazing listening skills, intuition and creativity. The whole session with her was filled with fun and laughter and she somehow managed to extract all the important information she needed out of my rambling mind. Not only did she come up with the perfect name, she also informed me of the new product we would bring to the construction market! Now our signature service and brand is becoming known in our state and expanding into others!

Katharina SteinmeyerFounder of UDU Designs and UDU Real Estate