Hi, I’m Michelle Anita Wirta, and I know my purpose is to listen and empower you in yours. See, there’s a lot of gorgeous truths coming thru about women and women entrepreneurs changing the world lately.

I’m in. Divine kind of in.

And, I hear it day in and out. Women struggling to trust themselves, wondering why they can’t hear or understand their intuition and energy sensitivities, why they can’t just move forward in their lives and choices and business . . . and not continue to doubt the direction and decisions they feel calling them.

I’m with you. I do my work because I’ve been up, down, and all around that feeling. Truthfully, I do my work because it’s an ongoing opening . . .  if you are paying attention. I AM.

Here’s one of my big balabaloo beliefs: If women really are going to heal the future of the world then we must learn to trust ourselves. Our instinctive sensibilities. Not in a placating anxieties kind of way, but in a calm, resourceful kind of manner.

The way to this type of trust is thru hearing our intuition, tuning in to our clear ‘resonance’. Or, you could say, meeting our Soul’s integrity . . . energetically and oh so respectfully.

Intuition IS our most natural inner magic to heal, choose, and empower whatever we want to, who ever we want to.

Many of my clients are at some sort of crossroads and craving clarity. These gorgeous Sheroes want to lead in their own lives. With love. With success. With softness and deep inner strength.

Certainly with ease, sound energy self care, and with lots and lots of Soul.

I help them clear the static and fall madly in love with their unique frequencies in life and success by helping them hear and trust their unseen and Soul’s guidance and their inner knowing.

Gratefully . . . and that’s Divine.

(. . . and yes, you are right, I do love my triple full stops . . . the writing Diva in me at play . . . :P)

What a few clients have to say about listening to their Souls

I’ve had the immense pleasure of receiving Translations from Michelle. I’ve received many and varied readings over the years as they’re somewhat of a proud pleasure of mine (I don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures’!) and I find they’re often very helpful during times of blockages or uncertainly for me.

Put simply, Michelle’s was one of the best I’ve ever had. Not only was she bang on the money at every step but she delivers her readings with so much love, sensitivity & also humour at times that I felt so safe & taken care of.  I love you, Michelle and I’m so thrilled I found you.

You were absolutely brought here to do this and I urge anyone feeling a call to work with this beautiful lady to answer it – now!

Lisa Kavenaugh

Award winning U.K Caterer and Foodie, Squid and Pear

What I know to be the most important part of my entrepreneurial life is that I am AUTHENTIC and on my Soul’s path. When I have that clarity, everything else falls into place. Michelle was THE catalyst, THE channel for me to be able to recognize and receive the “golden thread” of my life’s work and Soul’s purpose, the gift of her channeling that helped create”Life is the canvas of your soul.”

Whitney Freya

Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Artist,  The Whitney Freya Canvas

Get to know your best Soulmate

Your Soul always, without a single doubt, and with complete dedication, wants the best for you. It is incredibly resourceful and wants your attention.

Our Souls are always trying to steer us right. Intuition is it’s mother tongue. Energy is it’s frequency. Embodiment and love it’s dream.

Just like your oldest and best friend, it’s there for you thru thick and thin. And also, just like that best pal that it will let you know when you are not listening and working against yourself.

Like any relationship, it wants attention, respect, communication, and barrels of love and joy. And sometimes, like any relationship, you need a Translator to help mediate what the other side is saying so you both can be happy and connected again.

I help my clients learn to listen to themselves thru attention, respect, communication, and barrels of love and joy.

How we do that together is with growing your intuitive abilities, coaching, and learning to trust and verify  yourself in your life choices and entrepreneur path.

How I uniquely support you is thru Soul coaching and my signature Soul Translation experience and powerful remote Energy Amending to help clear blocks and disruptions on a Soul level. All so you can empower yourself and work within your highest and deepest heart and genius.