Hey Luv, I’m Michelle –  empath, remote medium and energy healer, energetics & intuition teacher, and advocate for spiritual and creative introverts who want to step up and out as empowered entrepreneurs whose sensitivities are deeply valued as catalysts of consciousness for healing self, others, and the world.   

My passion is that those who have been called ‘too sensitive’, those who feel like their ‘woo-woo’ spiritual side has been shamed or hidden, reclaim who they are and want to be and live and work in ways that honor and harness their energetic sensibilities and emotional integrity.

Our gifts are sacred touch points to possibility and empathy, both so needed and valuable in a world gone LOUD with static and shushed thru isolating judgements of not enough-ness.

We are at a tipping point into a brave new world where energy and empathy are our most refined, impactful, and liberating currencies.

I’m sure you’ve felt that the world’s problems are expanding faster than we can keep up with.  We can all use energetic fine tuning. When we can care for our vibration we can thrive. When we tend to our Soul we soar with self acceptance and often then crave to be of service to something that matters. That’s a beautiful win-win!

To keep up with our world and own life changing we need to stay attuned. Since the outer reflects the inner it’s our charge to change. This is resonance. That is the energetics of manifestation.

Where we all have troubles is in the places of disconnect and denial. Where we change the dial to K.Y.ME instead of translating our Soul’s and heart’s harmony.

Daily I hear beautiful people struggling to trust themselves, wondering why it’s so hard to hear their intuitions, their best path, their purpose.  

I get it. I do my work because I’ve been up, down, and all around that feeling. Especially in a world that still values left over right brain knowing, evidence over internal growth. 

That is also why I am committed to the power of  empathic and energetic connection. It’s high time to value those who are brave enough to be themselves in a world that has demeaned sensitivity as a weakness. Empaths are powerful channels for just about everything our world needs more of!

Soul + science makes me swoon. Reverence + rebelling light my inner fires. Energy + creative expression spark my Soul.

A few good first question to ask are:

  • How do you tune into?
  • What channel are you mostly listening to? 
  • What frequencies do you take in and broadcasting out?
  • How are you translating your natural energy into your experiences and, thus, outcomes?

If we are going to have lives that feel right we must learn to feel our personal and connected energetic sensibilities. The new human being evolving is one who knows they are multidimensional and learns how to use it for the good in their lives and the interconnected ‘field’ we are all in. The way to learn this to identify and consciously work with our ‘resonance’. This also means we must clear the static patterns that dull our Soul’s, bodies, and life’s feedback signals.

Learning how to connect and work with your intuitive powers and unique frequencies is the most natural way to create lasting change and vibrancy in life and business.

Let’s see where your Soul’s Genius wants to shine and how to tap into your sense of the Divine.

Whitney Freya

What I know to be the most important part of my entrepreneurial life is that I am AUTHENTIC and on my Soul’s path. When I have that clarity, everything else falls into place. Michelle was THE catalyst, THE channel for me to be able to recognize and receive the “golden thread” of my life’s work and Soul’s purpose, the gift of her channeling that helped create”Life is the canvas of your soul.”

Whitney Freya

Author |  Spiritual Teacher | Artist

Lisa Kavenaugh

I’ve had the immense pleasure of receiving Translations from Michelle. I’ve received many and varied readings over the years and I find they’re often very helpful during times of blockages or uncertainty for me.

Put simply, Michelle’s were a few of the best I’ve ever had. Not only was she bang on the money at every step but she delivers her readings with so much love, sensitivity & also humour at times that I felt so safe & taken care of.

Michelle, and I’m so thrilled I found you! You were absolutely brought here to do this and I urge anyone feeling a call to work with this beautiful lady to answer it – now!

Lisa Kavenaugh

Award winning U.K Caterer and Foodie

Dr. Kelly Edmonds

Michelle is truly gifted in her connection to universal energies, messages and guides. She clearly saw and observed what was best for me to move forward in my life and it rang true for me. The biggest issue was selling my house and moving blocked energy from it. Michelle did a Soul of Space Translation and Energy Amendments on the stuck energies. She read what tasks and perceptional shifts I needed to do and helped clear some blocks. That weekend, after over a year on market, my house had two showings and one offer. Guess what? The house sold after on the 19th, the number she mentioned seeing

Thank you for all your help Michelle – your work is truly a blessing!

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