7 Ways to Balance & Boost your Energetic Self Care Intro Course.

You can do this gem of a course in 7 days or 7 hours!

A fun mini course to start to easily treat your energetics and empath self with daily awareness and clearing practices.

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Guide Book & Audio lessons

Follow along with the 7 lessons and energy clearing tips plus track your daily self care with your checklist reminder.

6 Videos

Learn effective brain rebalancing when overwhelmed and ways to use muscle testing to discern what you want and don't want.

2 Energy Reset Meditations

Start and end your day with an intentional clearing and boosting of your Soul self energies and heart connections.

These easy to learn practices will enhance your self awareness and energetic well being in simple yet significant ways when you use them everyday!

Ready to make your empath health a priority and place of personal empowerment?  

About Michelle

Hey Luv, I’m Michelle – professional empath & spiritual medium, remote energy healer, and advocate for empaths and 'sensitives' and empath entrepreneurs whose abilities can be deeply valued, embraced, and enhanced for personal well being and professional success.

My clients range from newly identified empaths craving understanding of their abilities to those who are going ever deeper into their multidimensional self in their lives and business.

My background is in psychology, holistic health, spirituality, coaching and coach training, divination, communications, and branding. I teach in person workshops and online at The Soul Translation Academy and other venues to support women and men to embody and express their energetic and Soul self in all they are and do.

Join here and get learning new and effective energetics of self care lickety split.  

Especially if you are an empath , HSP, or intuitive you are going to be so happy you did!

>>>Once you complete payment you'll be directed straight to the private course page<<<