Do you ever feel like you cut yourself off at the knees when trying to express yourself?

Isn't it tough as nails when you have something definitive to say or a boundary and you splice and dice what you meant to say in favor of not being rude or 'aggressive'?

Empaths, sensitives, and intuitives often have extreme filters on what they say because we are often live in the listening and observing mode. Assertively asking for what you want can feel like a sweat inducing heartbeat getting higher event for us. ​

Not because empaths are weak or lack confidence. This mostly happens for three main reasons:

  1. We are taking care of the other person's experience because we are hypersensitive to anyone feeling criticized​
  2. We have dealt with so many aggressive, Narcissistic people that the last thing we want to become is too demanding or self absorbed
  3. We know words are energy and we feel responsible to deliver ones that heal instead of harm so we over compensate and filter ourselves and end up coming across as having no opinion or too flexible.

This weeks video and PDF download topic:

Learn to Get as much as you Give thru the Power of your Words