A Plea to our SOULidarity.

(Originally a Facebook post)

Today is historically the 'Day of Assumptions'. I don't know what religious reference that is yet but the term is fitting for what I see going on everywhere. Let's try our best not to make too many.

There's passionate beliefs and causes and war cries and a shit storm of energy flying around right now.

Standing up for something is an individual choice. God knows there's a whole hell of a lot to stand up on, and there has been for a LONG time.

But let's watch that we aren't standing down or on top of someone who could be standing side to side with us if we took a moment to stop,look, and feel into where they are wanting to connect in their own unique and imperfect way.

There are so many questions and a desperation for answers right now.

Polarizations and 'you're with me or against me' sentiments are high. It's so natural for our brains and nervous systems to go to all or nothing when we are uncertain and terrified.

I'm not saying don't have strong feelings and fears and a strong impulse to stand up for what's good and just.

But look to see who is showing up in the way they can and standing next to you before you assume that everyone should or that no one will or screw them all for being cowards if they aren't doing it your way.

What we do on the outside is ALWAYS a reflection of what's going on in the inside. If we are intolerant on the outside we are not tolerant of something on the inside, and that can be both for a positive or negative state.

Victims of other people's self hatred and ego happen, and so does our inner victim that condemns us and holds back our heart and humanity on the inside.

Please. We all want to protect what we value. There is love and there is fear and the face of fear is so hard to look at. It's clear to me what feels like connection and what feels like rejection on the social and political stage.

And how dare you shame a childless woman killed in such a brutal way for courageously showing up for LOVE. And did you happen to notice the cross she wears on her neck? Hypocrisy is one of the heaviest energies around.

But judging people how they feebly or fiercely stand up on any platform against fear is not ours to say. How well do you respond when people judge your attempt of being courageous as not being good enough?

Let's not make assumptions. Can we try every day to see each other, talk with not at each other, stand together for love, do it imperfectly, and create spaces within ourselves and for each other to show up and do what's right for our common held heart that craves harmony?

Rebellion comes in many forms. So do revolutions. Find your way that includes your heart and connect to others who hold the same sentiment for progress and peace even when we are fucking clueless as to the 'how'.

We are at a crux of a consciousness shift. Big time.

I’d bet my bottom dollar you are sensing this too.

Have you been feeling buzzy, bewildered, bamboozled by your past, inspired, spiritually mired, and like you are reeling with one foot on land and one flopping over a cliff of the unknown?

Are patterns from well-worn paths, whether those are in your neural pathways, emotional reactions, or cognitive habits and self talk, louder than ever? 

Are you sensing sweet relief just over the next hump on the horizon? In the next thought or choice that settles back into rust versus arches up in fear?

Are your dreams bigger than ever and your future self is calling you out to play in them and for reals, feeling it down to your bones and deep in your guttural belly intuitions? 

Do you have no fucking clue how things will fall into place but your body YES! and Soul YUP! is bigger than your HOW or MAYBE or TRY or oh shit!?

For a wild twist, does TRUST actually feel safer than fear right about now?

2017 is a Magician year, a # 1 in numerology.

It’s a time of massive change, rebirth, manifestation, and stepping into a whole new world. Most of us are nodding furiously at that last sentence. Many of you have been waiting with bated breath for this. Time to exhale my friends.

If you aren’t feeling any of this then I’d suggest you wake up fast because life is about to move at quantum pace. Don’t get snatched up by your fears, just show up and open to the newness that is wanting to burst thru you.

If you don’t it will hurt. You will feel left behind. I’m not saying this to be a spiritual snob or frequency and quantum field geek know it all. But things are about to go cosmically postal.

This apex of energies colliding this month and next will feel like the rebirth so many Souls have been pinning for since the beginning of 2016.

It’s not comfortable. Contrast and extremes in thought, feelings, mood, or circumstances will have a teeny tiny stop gap between one state and another.

That’s the current sweet spot. Or should I say the Soul spot.

Our tolerance for inauthenticity, in ourselves and others, will feel intolerable. Cause and effect are playing tom and jerry like antics with one action creating a snap quick reaction.

Manifestation is on speed right now, both miraculous and unfortunate.

How we handle the pause between energy, intuition, thought and action right now is asking us to be Soul ninja’s and compassionate sages all at once.

You’ve got this.

It’s like a cosmic flux, a taut energetic rubber band that’s being pulled back as far as it can go right now and is trembling to SNAP! Forward or into inertia is up to you.

Choose now whether you are going to snap forward from the deep lessons from your past . . . or . . . drag that extra weight with you, slowing down your well deserved heights of illumination after all that damn inner awareness and shadow facing courage.

The catapult is both on a personally and collectively level.

Do you want to own this ricochet effect to create new realities, new relationships, new successes, new levels of healing and transformation?

Then let go. Of fear. Of the known. Of the comfortable. Of the safe. Of the predictable. Of the small. Of denying your Soul’s pleasures and power, talents and sacredly trusting nature.

Otherwise you will kick yourself later. The world not only needs your individuality and unique light, it needs your love. Your Soul self is invited to this party.

All you need to get in is to let go of the past and show up anew.

Choose the love of surrender and adventure over the fear of failure. The catch is that when we don’t put ourselves in the flow of Source and our life we energetically feel micro failure contractions anyway. Those rack up over time and chip away at our self trust account.

There never were any guarantees in the first place and you decided to show up and be born anyway.

So why not rebirth now with that same sense of trust and adventure?

It’s your life after all. Why not lift off and leave your history for some magical mystery?