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fritzphoto-feroshia-107What I’d say to others, is if you are finding yourself lost in a place of trying to make sense of your life and yourself, working with Michelle will help you to see the bigger matrix of who you are, and the hidden influences on your ability to be at your best. Her Translations, unique and powerful energy work, and coaching is the fast lane to self-knowing and the clarity that I think we all need at times.

During and after my Soul Translation and coaching what I noticed was a subtle ease that came over me. I stopped trying to force things and was able to become more peaceful with my transition. I feel more certain and clear about where I’m going, and more comfortable moving ahead in my life – not having all of the answers in front of me.

A lot of the imagery and archetypes that came up in the Translation where nearly identical to the parts of me that were combating inside. I had sensed the energy and had attributed it to something else, but this helped me see the much bigger shifts in me – this was very helpful.

What is different today, is that I’m in a place of knowing, from a soul’s perspective. Michelle offered me the missing pieces related to why I’ve been spinning mentally and emotionally over the past year. And, from here I feel like I can step forward onto my path with less attachment to old constraints and the freedom that I believe can only serve me to create an even better future.

What I gained from the soul translation was a deep affirmation to trust in the unfolding and to go inside from a more “soul’s perspective” vs. an intellectualization of my life. I feel more confident that I’m opening up to the greater wisdom, and at peace with my earth-level transitions.

Feroshia RJ Knight

Founder of Coaching Training World | Master Coach and Trainer | Creator of Wisdom to Wealth

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Dr. Kelly EdmondsMichelle is truly gifted in her connection to universal energies, messages and guides. She clearly saw and observed what was best for me to move forward in my life and it rang true for me. My Soul Translation left a smile on my face and a tingling in my belly.

The biggest issue was selling my house and moving blocked energy from it. Michelle did a Soul of Space Translation and Energy Amendment on the stuck energies. As well, Michelle read what tasks and perceptional shifts I needed to do and helped clear some blocks. That weekend, my house had two showings and one offer. Guess what?! The offer that soon came in that sold the house after a year of being on the market already came in on the 19th, the number she mentioned seeing!

I also had forgotten about feeling connected to my ancestry, which they showed up in my Translation to give me guidance. I tend to  rush through life. This suggestion alone helped me ground more and be more present in my life.
Michelle will do a reading on your soul and purpose here on earth. She reads into deep records and relays what is most important for you to focus on, to improve your physical and mental well being and to help your heart sing.

Michelle also helps you check in with shifts that are happening and to stay connected to one’s purpose daily in a fast-paced life.

Thank you for all your help Michelle – your work is truly a blessing!

Dr. Kelly Anne Edmonds

Elearning Expert | Online Course Consultant & Designer

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terriI have really enjoyed getting to know Michelle and working together. I was a bit skeptic when we initially started, but her warmth, kindness, patience, and professionalism helped ease a lot of that. Her work, her thoughts and intuitions, have been spot on each and every time she has shared something, I have felt a resonance within myself. My Soul Translation was accurate, revealing, insightful and healing. Her card readings have been appropriate to my life and situations and I have appreciated her thoughtful explanations and suggestions on how to proceed and navigate situations.

I have a new awareness and clarity in my thinking that was missing before. I feel like some healing work has been done and a direction pointed for healing to continue. I feel like I’ve got my sense of self back, some TLC for my heart, and some insight in my thinking and decision making. Its as if I have a new center.

Honestly, because of my natural skeptism, I didn’t expect the accuracy. I didn’t expect the reading to be so accurate to my current situation(s) or to the secret thoughts/feelings that I haven’t shared. Its helped release some of the bottled up pain, bitterness, and anger that I was trying so hard to hide. I felt validated and seen which has had a overall positive impact in my life.

I’ve already been referring people to Michelle!  I tell them that you are a wonderfully gifted intuitive who was able to offer me a very relevant, insightful, meaningful Translation that brought much understanding to me in terms of current situations and my emotional makeup. Working with you has given me the courage I need to be doing the things I want to do and to heal my heart and get myself moving in a more positive direction.

Terri Lodge

Professional Makeup Artist for  ABC & NBC

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kathyWorking with Michelle was like working with my own personal wizard. She helped me to point my arrow in the right direction and gave me just the amount of inspiration to set my dream on fire. She empowered me and I am grateful for her direct yet lovingly spiritual approach.

She has a way with really listening to what I am saying and then clarifying it all so that I even understood my message and purpose better. She’s very professional and yet I felt like I was also working with my best friend.

She is also a word wizard and a visionary. When she gave some of her super powers to my vision, I felt like we created a masterpiece together. She helped me to dream with purpose. You should work with Michelle because she can help you to make your vision to come to fruition. She creates a perfect balance of helping you create your business that is most authentic to your inner desires and exactly who you want to show the world that you are. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Kathy Carlisle

Co founder of Live Everything Mindful Community | Photographer

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cy8a0108Did you know that Michelle is also an amazing channel for branding, which she did in her previous business?? Now she helps people with the soul of their brand.  My Soul & Brand Translation with Michelle was incredible! I knew that I was feeling unsure about my business brand but did not know how I wanted to move forward. I was stuck. Michelle was able to connect to a deeper part of me that knew exactly what I wanted and needed. And it was so obvious — a true *slaps forehead* moment, but seeing it on the Soul level of my business helped me believe and trust it! Many well-meaning people have given me opinions and ideas about this specific issue, but Michelle was the first one to help me retrieve answers directly from my soul and translate them in a way that allowed me to immediately align my self and my business with my truest purpose and communicate that much more clearly to the world. Thank you, Michelle.

Dr. Danielle Cornelius

Women’s Care Chiropratic | Holistic Pelvis Care Specialist

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I feel like my standards are pretty high when it comes to working with psychics. Its been a very long time since I’ve met someone with the kind of skill and high vibration that Michelle possesses. She came at just the right time in my life! She does “soul translation” which is a way of saying she connects to and speaks with your “guides” “beings” “angles” “higher self” and brings that information back into view with you! She taps into everything that my soul needs to hear at that time in time. I had some amazing past life stuff come up too! As well as  all that, she works with energy in a similar way one might intuitively work with the body in massage. She makes space, clears the old, and invites the new in with love,grace, and compassion when doing Energy Amendments.

She quite frankly kicks ass. I felt deeply seen, heard, and respected by her. There were some things that came up that would have been challenging to hear from anyone else. Not only is she humble and articulate, she is confident in the work and guiding that she does. This is her souls work beyond a shadow of a doubt and man does she bring it!

Practically speaking, the greatest shift I have felt has been in regards to a situation that cased so much grief and particularly as my work as a healer. There has been a real letting go, a lightening, and clarity, even though I might not have words for it all yet. Working with Michelle helped to finally bring some things full circle, and I feel that I am ready to move forward now on every level, more so than ever before.

My relationship has shifted too,  in a major way, and I know that has to do with my frequency shifting, all in very positive and loving ways.

I feel like there were so many shifts, it’s hard to pinpoint one! I am also far more aware of giving gratitude towards my body. I feel like I can trust my inner knowing more. I feel guided to speak on my hearts behalf, and trust the divinity in and around me.  I think this is very specific to Michelle’s way of working that allows for such powerful change and transformation. The act alone of becoming aware of even the most abstract idea’s about oneself is potent, and I can feel it’s medicine dissolving and strengthening things in my being that I am and have been ready for, I just needed a spark!

Krystal Indigo Meyer

Cranial Sacral Therapist + Bodyworker | Healer | Musician

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TanyaI found Michelle to be very generous, passionate and full of integrity. She sees her clients at a soul level and uses her skills to help you understand underlying issues in your life or business. We are all constantly changing and sometimes we miss important information about ourselves to move forward and achieve what we desire. Michelle helps you on your path by focusing on your strengths using her very individual style which is light hearted, nurturing and always encouraging. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone who feels stuck or challenged in their life.

I absolutely loved her energy and it’s so beautiful to be receive my video recording of my Translation from your colourful space,  as apposed to a faceless recording.  It’s like sitting to watch a a magical movie.

I am still allowing the information to digest to be honest, so I feel more things will come to light. Saying that, I’ve had other confirmations about the information you saw and spoke of and how to focus my energy.

Thse throat issues that you saw and did the Amendment for (without knowing I even had issues) have continually shown up over the years and its to do with my communication skills…this is something that I struggle with when it comes to boundaries and getting my message out there. I’m working on that too. I also resonated with the bullying you saw from when I was a child.

I’m not lost. Reframing and coaching me around seeing that false belief  was a really helpful. You were spot on!  I’m implementing more positive affirmations and journaling and keeping a good space that all this starts to move into a new abundant space.

I do certainly feel that you energy corrections have made a big difference. Thank you!!

Tanya Malden

Graphic Designer | Creative

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Kate Merriwether

Life Artist | Shaman | Drum Instructor and Facilitator

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starx 300Michelle is fearlessly spiritual!!

Star Khechara

Passive Income Expert | Author | Founder of The Facelift Diet & Passive Income Rocks Academy

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AnneThe fact that Michelle can facilitate as a medium for your soul to actually ‘talk’ to you is simply amazing. I was blown away at the symbolism of the images Michelle saw. I definitely knew it was my soul with whom she was communicating. My life is now better because of this work. And this work is ongoing to facilitate your life’s purpose and your happiness and joy.

It was pure delight working with Michelle! She is calm, patient, compassionate, understanding and is there with and for you throughout this soul-seeking adventure.  I felt safe and supported.

I also really liked how you gave me some names to help me get started down the creative avenue that seems to be waiting for me. In hearing this, it’s given me the confidence to move forward. You have such compassion and understanding. Thank you for sharing your gift!

I have started to integrate the amendments from the reading into my life and they seem to be helping already! I’m learning, more and more, how to take care of myself and to learn about every side of myself (the light and the dark). This is helping me learn how to accept and forgive and love myself. All beautiful! I’ve started drawing and dancing again and am eager to find art classes where I can start to use my hands more. Very exciting!

With the new Energy Amendment shifts and positive affirmations I am eager to let things go and to move forward with light, love, and ease. I’m learning how to leave my worries behind and trust that everything will be just fine. It always has been and it always will be. Thank you!

I’ll be honest, the outcomes from my Translation, at first, were intense, but then in following up with coaching truly helped. It is also important to know that a Soul Translation is more than just a session to show you how wonderful your soul is… And of course it is! The subject matter and images and Amendments shift thing in a big way,  they can churn the soul butter, if you will, and there might be some pain and suffering that you, in this 3-D plane, need to pay attention to and help heal.

It is helpful to be open-minded and to be prepared to look inward and to look deeply.

Anne Sellery

Professional Makeup Artist for NBC | Dancer

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denaAfter a few hard years of a lot of unexpected changes I wanted to have more awareness around my yearly forecasting and how to work with the energies that could be affecting my life instead of just adapting to them. Your innate intuitions and depth of knowledge is astounding. Your way of not only delivering the reading, but your whole persona and Soul is so strong in a gentle way and gentle in a profoundly centered strength kind of way. I just feel really safe with you and your style of looking at things.

You pointed out how much Aries energy I have this year. My intention this year is to get out there more and help and be known for the work that I do. My reading was so elegantly aligned with what I was feeling that it felt like pure magic, and your ability speak to this expansive energy in a way that is not only encouraging, but totally grounding at the same time, is a true gift.

Dena DeCastro

Evolutionary Astrologer | Astrologer Teacher | Podcaster

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14798869_10209423422414487_1668330676_nThe Soul Translations stripped back layers of psyche, revealing aspects of myself that needed to be acknowledged and brought back into alignment. It gave me a fuller understanding of myself and my history through ancestral patterns and influences I was not aware of.

I felt more connected to myself and my past, including how it was impacting on my present mood, choices, mindset and decisions. That made positive action easier, and helped me reach a much better alignment within myself on a holistic level, bringing spirit, soul, mind and body together.

Michelle is a supremely insightful and talented spiritual teacher, coach and reader. She is able to identify the heart of issues, and reveal what we need to know to move forward with confidence and clarity.

There are times when we can’t see the wood for the trees – those are the times we need a Michelle to guide us!

Jane Hutton

The Functional Foodie |  Functional Nutritionist | Food and health writer

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CY8A1250Michelle is magic. Her gentle and supportive style surrounds and supports you with such lovely energy. The symbolism that came through her for me was rich and full of possibilities… the messages to me were from me. This was very empowering to me. She doesn’t simply tell you what to be or what to do, she guides you to find the meaning within. She’s a true Wayshower, providing a vision for a new direction and then suggesting how you might achieve it.

Michelle helped me clarify my greatest gift at a deep level … through her translations I was able to see something in myself that had been shrouded. I now hold this energy and am applying it to some of my new projects.

If you’re looking for someone to  truly ‘see’ you and tell you what your higher self is yearning for you to know I highly recommend a Soul Translation and coaching with Michelle. I was delighted and surprised and so grateful for the message from my higher self. It gave me a new way to look at what I do. I have much gratitude for you and your gifts Michelle. Thank you.

Ruth Brennan

Human Design Specialist  | Web & Graphics Designer

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Alex Walsh

If you’ve ever wondered about who you really are, what your purpose is, or who you came here to be – then Michelle is your woman. She’s told me things about my past that no one knows about, and that I’ve even hidden from myself. She holds space for you in he most loving and nurturing of ways. And she facilitates a genuine reconnection between you and your soul.

My intuition has multiplied a thousand fold since working with Michelle. I trust my instincts more, listen to inner voice, and have an inner knowing that I am on the right path. This is priceless, and something you simple can’t afford to do without!

I have told so many people about Michelle’s Soul Translating gift and Soul coaching. Over the years I’ve had many readings, gone to psychics, had my palm read, you name it – I’ve done it! But when I found Michelle it totally blew my mind. She is the real deal, and has a direct line right into your soul. It’s beautiful because it’s like having a conversation with my true self.

Michelle always reminds me that the answers are flowing from my own dear soul, and that she is ‘just’ the messenger. Her humility is only succeeded by her gift. She delivers her message with such love, tact, and a genuine intention to heal and hold you. It is a beautiful experience, as she is a truly beautiful an divine person. I’ve had several soul translations from Michelle, and I’ve cried with joy, relief, and new purpose at every one. If I could book one every week I would!

Since working together I have found my true purpose in life, learned to let go of the past, and have begun healing some very painful relationships. New aha’s come up almost daily, and I often find myself understanding deeper layers of year old translations out of the blue. Michelle has given me many energy clearings during these translations, including a third eye and feminine energy healing which resulted in my suddenly receiving £1000 of money that had been owed to me for 2 years (literally hours after the healing had taken place). When Michelle said the healing would help me to ‘receive’ I didn’t expect it to be so literal!!

I have completely changed the direction of my business and feel a sense of inner alignment and purpose that I could of only dreamed of. Her work is truly magical and has unlocked parts of myself that I was desperate to release. Feeling like it’s beautiful to be me is a wonderful thing.

Alex Walsh

Founder of Rooted Sun Vegan Lifestyles | Pinterest Magician

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heatherSeveral months ago, in fact last Autumn, I received a Soul Translation from Michelle Anita Wirta. At the time my husband and I were looking for our forever home. You gave me many signs to be on the look out for, and so many of them were accurate. Some regarding what to look out for, and who to keep at a distance, all came to fruition just as you had said.

One of the things you mentioned was that you saw a Sunflower in my Soul Translation. I had filed it in the back of my grey matter, when what to my surprise came up out of ground? Yep. Not just any sunflower, but the sun flower.

Our NEW home is just as you said it would be. It’s amazing, ruralesque, full of wildlife, and perfect for us.When I say this Sunflower is amazing, I mean it should not have grown there. It was deprived of water, fertilizer, and proper soil. It was covered with river rock and bark not a nurturing environment. Several times I weeded over by where it poked through never noticing it, until Thursday my husband said to me,”do you see the Sunflower by the mailbox?” It was at that moment my jaw hit the floor, I knew I was with Creator , and this was our forever home. You saw that already.

Thanks for being the messenger my lady.
Your gift is strong.
Your power is magnificent and your heart is giving.
I am so grateful and my love tank is full. Namaste


Heather Louise Sage

Women’s Group Facilitator | Therapist | Intuitive

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bethann-fischberg-0005-copy-2I contacted Michelle as I had been going though so many conflicts recently, and was looking for guidance on my path.

Michelle is a woman that I fell immediately in love with. Her warmth and playfulness put me at such ease. I felt that I had known her for years!

Michelle’s Soul Translations are so much more than any readings I have ever had. It is more like a Trance-Mission.

I felt myself able to leave my concerns behind as she painted a rich and colorful tapestry full of possibility and wisdom which allowed me to connect to deeper aspects of myself.

Thank you Michelle, for your loving and generous spirit. It’s such an affirmation and relief to know I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to be. I feel such freedom and a weight off my shoulders.

In Love & Gratitude!

Beth Anne Fischberg

Women’s Art of Presence Facilitator | Luminista Mentor

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gwynnMichelle’s reading for our group was spot on. She synthesized all of the *feel* I’ve had about the circle gathering and the energy it would contain in her reading and her explanation of the card she pulled. I literally got chills when I watched her video.

The energy and intentions she shared for our group have been guiding us as we continue our journey together. We still have several weeks to go. The way she was able to verbalize the feeling I could not put into words is huge for me. I felt a deep sigh of YES as I listened to her talk about the intention and energy for the circle. It was amazing.

I am continuing to watch this intention bloom as our circle continues on our journey. I am loving watching it all unfold. For me the being able to put words to a feeling that had been swirling within me is huge and this alone I would feel would benefit others. Often we have emotions we can’t name and in the unnaming they can sometimes run amok and influence our unconscious.

Michelle is able to pull out of our swirling unconscious concrete thoughts and ideas, bringing it all into consciousness where we can see it, examine it, and then consciously and intentionally decide how we want to move forward.

Gwynn Riamondi

Therapist | Writer | Women’s Healing Guide

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antonellaWorking with Michelle is not about having a reading; it is about a process of transformation. It starts when you committ to do the Translation and ends much later. After receiving and integrating my energy amendments, readings and coaching, we came up with a plan for me to follow, my next step to healing and fine tuning to transform my resistance to fully step into my own power.

I am working at it, one step at the time. So much acceptance, forgiving and self-love.To have this experience is one of the best gift you can give to yourself. With the energy Amendments I really let go of old stuck angers, I allowed more joy into my life, and  I truly learned how to value myself and what is around me, deeply cultivating gratitude and taking the responsibility of my life.
With my work with Michelle I feel I have the courage to simplify my path to my calling and confidence to step more into the leader I am and making my choices as a channel of Divine Energy.

Antonella Bargione

Healer | Creativity Coach | South African Bush Retreat Leader and Drummer

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peggyIt was a wonderful experience to hear the different images and words Michelle described, so beautiful and healing for me. It will take some time to fully understand and soak in all that was mentioned in the translation. I feel blessed to have experienced Michelle’s wonderful gift and coaching to help me integrate it’s power.

I feel I’ve become more in touch with a deeper part of me that I knew was there, but couldn’t really picture in my mind. I felt it, but couldn’t see or understand what or who that part of me was until Michelle put words and images to it. I feel like I finally see the deeper beauty inside myself and love myself more for it. That self love will help me heal and get me through the hurts and pain of what I’ve been feeling for so long. I’m not sure yet what it will look like in the physical world, but I’m moving on, and out of relationships that are no longer healthy for me and that no longer support where I feel my life is taking me.

I would encourage anyone who is seeking to get in touch with a deeper part of themselves, their actual Soul, to talk to Michelle about a reading or translation and coaching. She has an amazing gift and the images and words she provides are healing regardless of where you are at in your beliefs or where you’re at in your life. Her words have helped me so much in the healing process and helped me move past fears and obstacles keeping me from doing my passion.

Peggy Anderson – Deardorf

Massage Therapist | Entreprenuer | Founder of Marjie’s Retreat for bladder cancer

lindaMy Soul Translations with Michelle Wirta and Intuition Coaching has been incredible! The Energy Amendments I received removed many blockages I had and shifted me to another level of awareness and brought more wisdom to my inner being.

I am blessed to have worked with Michelle, she is multi-talented and gifted, SHE is a SOUL GENIUS!

Linda Boal

Creative Chef  |  Sales

karlaI’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of receiving 2 readings from Michelle, one dealing with questions related to my dissertation research and another focusing on my husband’s new real estate venture. Both readings provided valuable, articulate, meaningful and inspirational insights.

Although my husband tends toward skepticism and also works in the conventional world of real estate, he was very impressed with the accuracy of this reading and really resonated with what Michelle “saw”. He has since referred to Michelle’s reading and vision of what is essential for building a strong business team, several times. He has also taken the intuitive “hits” (colors & numerology) and asked his graphic designer to apply these to some of the new marketing materials.

Michelle’s intuitive abilities and her skill at being able to tap into and articulate non-ordinary levels of consciousness are rare gifts that will bedazzle, benefit and bless those who seek her soulFULL heartFULL mindFULL wisdom, whether personally or professionally.

Karla Hankes

Kaffian Sandplay Grief Therapist |  Thanatologist |  MARI practitioner.

ericaMichelle’s listening ability and intuition is awesome – I really don’t know many people that are good listeners, but you are very attentive, curious, and engaging both as a listener and conversationalist.  In addition, your instinct or insightfulness- by that I mean that you sense things in others and help tease their strengths out.  And the fact that you take your work seriously, but not yourself – that is the mark of a very fun and healthy being!

Erica Riseberg, Ph.D.

Voice Over Artist | Historian | Preservationist

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uduMichelle is simply brilliant! When I hired her in late 2013 to help me identify a business name and brand and to create a website for my ADU Design business, she simply blew me away by her amazing listening skills, intuition and creativity. Sessions with her were filled with fun and laughter and she somehow managed to extract all the important information she needed out of my rambling mind. Not only did she come up with the perfect name, she also informed me of the new product we would bring to the construction market! We were not to design and build Accessory Dwelling Units like everybody else, we would create UDUs! (pronounce ooo-doo). UDU Design was born and Urban Dwelling Units are popping up all over Portland and  California!

Katharina Steinmeyer

Co owner of UDU Designs and Real Estate | Master Gardener | Trained in Horticultural Gerentology

UDU’s Website

Her insights and wisdoms will be resonating with me for years ~ Anon


Dear Michelle, your soul translation reading for me was really wonderful. Even though we haven’t met before I felt that you saw the core of my being. The pictures you gave me were easy to understand for me, and especially one of them touched me so much that immediately my tears came because I felt SO seen!

Ah, and very important: The way you speak to me, your very obviously loving being … gives me such a good feeling… no matter what you say, no matter if the images fit or not, that everything is going to be OK. There is no need to be afraid of hearing something, that I don’t want to hear because the channel is just a loving one. Thank you so much, I still work with the images you gave me. Much Love ~ Susanne

Wow, thank you Michelle. That was so lovely to have a reading just for me. I’ve not had a card reading of any kind for over 10 years so it was very interesting. You come across as very sparkly, generous and calming. A lot of what you said made sense to me. I am going through a spiritual and mental healing journey at the moment and ‘karmic cleansing’ made sense to me too. I am luckily in a position to not have to be super productive at the moment so perhaps I just needed to be given permission to ‘slack off’. The pebble beach image you saw was uncanny. Beaches here in England are more often sandy, but I happen to be heading to one tomorrow where the beach is very pebbly! ~ Peggy

Michelle is a true Soul alchemist. You bear all your inner chaos to her and she calmly helps you transform it into seeing your essence. ~ Anon

I tend to be somewhat of a skeptic of things that are “unusual” such as this. I went into it not sure I would get anything out of it (although wanting very much to believe!). After Translations I went into private coaching with Michelle for weekly intuition coaching. We also did live Translations and Energy Amending!

She was able to discern things about my family heritage that there was no way she could have known and I certainly did not tell her, such as the long line of Irish people that I am descended from, among other things. She pinpointed areas of difficulty for me and was able to shed light on them and give me clarity. The meaning of some of the information that came through was unclear at first, but I’m finding that the meaning is being revealed gradually and powerfully! What an incredible experience!

I feel validated in many ways, that what I’m doing (or hoping to do) is right for me, and I also have new insights and direction as a result of this translation that I would not otherwise have had.

The biggest message that I received from this was that I should not go about this endeavor in the same way that I have developed my business or other professional efforts. I need to be patient and gentle, rather than aggressively seeking outcomes and “burning myself out”  to get to the “finish line” here.

I tend to be a very task oriented person. I want to know my “laundry list” so to speak, of action items, and then complete them. This was the opposite of task oriented. There were some very clear messages, one of which was not to be so task oriented. Allow things to unfold in their own way. I tend to fight the current in my life – I always have – to try to get life to fit into the parameters that I have established.

This soul translation gave me permission to lead while simultaneously giving up the reigns. It gave me a sense of peace about my path, and a sense of knowing that resources will be allocated to me as I need them. I loved the additional Tarot Translation readings. You are truly a beautiful and giving soul and it’s been a gift to receive this translation from you! ~  Kerrie, business owner

Michelle is my go to gal when it comes to needing spiritual guidance and coaching. Her readings are powerful and coaching actionable and have been hitting the nail on the head every single time. She’s like a witty mic of our souls and a real blessing to the world~ Anna

Thank you Michelle!! I am (as always) in tears! I can’t believe it. I found everything you said so very interesting and I’m left slightly stunned since we’ve never even met. Your reference to water and swimming and blues and greens hit fundamentally my very core. I am all about water, emerald green clear seas, and swimming one hell of a lot!! I’ve been swimming for 50 years now! It is my everything and not only helps purify my body but helps the purification and nurturing of my mind. 

I take note and agree that laughter is also very important and I’ll look to do more of this! I also take on board the forward momentum both of myself but of the universe as well. I am not an island, and I am part of a bigger entity. Thank you so much Michelle. This has gone to my very core, and again I feel invigorated and elevated.~ Amalia

Hilarious, sweet, and adorable, and besides for all that her readings are profoundly impactful. ~ Mica


Michelle Anita Wirta really helped clarify a situation in my life that was really haunting me. It was stopping me moving forward. She skillfully honed in gave me clear information, in a gentle and loving way. A gifted and gentle guide should you need it. I can highly recommend Michelle. She is the real deal! ~ Mim


Michelle, your reading was right on! The BIG piece of information was around my daughter, who happened to be sitting right next to me when I watched the video. You told me that she was happy, even though I actually didn’t think she was. You see, she recently entered into a relationship with another woman. In the past, her relationships have been with men. Isn’t it beautiful how she was with me to hear this! You didn’t even know I have a daughter!

The chaos that you saw is around my father and life situation. As I speak, he is in a home “actively” dying. A brand new world is soon opening up for me and I’m not sure of what it will look like since I’ve have been his caretaker for 5 years.

Thank you for the reading! I’m glad you’re sharing your gift. Much love to you! ~ Jeannette


Michelle gave me a soul translation reading when I was part of an eating disorder recovery group. Michelle immediately stated something so fundamental to my core, I was firstly completely taken aback, swiftly followed by a sense of glowing inspiration and spirituality. This made Michelle’s reading so meaningful to me. The reading left me feeling full of warmth, and love and energy, which I was able to incorporate as part of my progress freeing myself from my eating disorder. Michelle’s delivery and communication is so full of warmth and love that I would recommend her to anyone ~Anon

Beautiful and inspiring. You keep me moving in the right direction for me ~Anon