Let's put the 'personal' back into personal growth

So that you can stop second guessing everything and start Soul activating instead.

Unless "I don't need help" sideswipes you.

Ugh, that damn one can be a shitty satisfaction sabotageur!

Don't worry, I'm an A class BS protector, helping you put the ABS brakes on whatever is holding your Soul shine back.  

Costs excuse? Not anymore. 

How about options friendly, personally connected, get real talk and real energy clearing to get you real results to get those proverbial panties really untwisted and back in alignment (you, not your undies, can't help you with that because that would be just eewwww)


Plus loads of experience, empowering, empathic, intuitive intelligence, directness with dignity, shadow facing and befriending, seeing your gorgeous higher self and saying "Hey, don't I know you from someplace good looking?" kind of personal growth. Mile long sentences included for free:)

Watch this short video
The Courage Circles are a more personal level of support and community for those in my private Facebook groups.

Once you join you'll be sent links to join which group you prefer. 

Luv, here's what's involved:

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    Monthly themes are inspired by weekly channelled energy forecasts. So healing is organic with what's current and alive in you AND collectively, keeping growth and momentum fresh yet focused, using personal and collective power for positive changes.
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    Group get downs to help each other rise up in COURAGE CIRCLES for community commitment to our own + each others growth, successes, and SOULibrations!
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    Soul stream laser beam private sessions available with Michelle for a song! Singing may spontaneously happen but were talking money and not waffling time away on small talk kind of sessions. Depth doesn't demand familiarity, only honesty + vulnerability.
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    EXTRA EXTRA! Remote all about it folks!  Yup, you get Michelle's wonderfully popular yet weirdly hard to explain you do what???  remote healing and pattern busting gifts dubbed ENERGY AMENDING. If a particular weekly theme is stuck in your energetic grill Michelle will quantumly and oh so lovingly 'treat' that theme on your behalf and for your benefit!

And here's how:

  • Monthly video meetings on a preset date for PLUS email reminders so you don't space out or miss out.
  • Private session slots offered beginning of each month to secure your healing session - # of private spots LIMITED, see below.
  • Courage Circle themed focus & #Soulhotspot seat for 2 people per call - # of attendees unlimited for groups
  • Private membership site for monthly themes, details, resources, announcements, and any PDF and creative extras Michelle (a)muses up for your spiritual and professional growth

Start Your Courage Circle Subscription Today


Then it's going off the table until early 2018. 


SILVER $47 Monthly

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    Monthly LIVE Group Support call 
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    Remote Energy Amending  Treatment on pesky limiting belief 
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    TOTAL VALUE = $200!

COPPER $77 1st Month, $97 per mo.


>>>ONLY 20  17​​​​​​​ SPOTS AVAILABLE<<<

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    Monthly LIVE Group Support Call
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    Remote Energy Amending Treatment on disruptive limiting belief
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    30 min. intensive private coaching & energy reading
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    TOTAL VALUE = $350 

1st mo. intro special $97 


GOLD $117 1st month, $147 per mo.


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    Monthly LIVE Group Support Call
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    Remote Energy Amending Treatment on 'oh lawd why hasn't this bit the dust yet' pain in the ass limiting belief
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    Plus 60 min. intensive coaching & sensate energy healing session 
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    TOT​AL VALUE = $ $470

1st mo. sign up ​special $147


Hello familiar or soon to be friend.
Why am I here for you? Here's a little about moi.

My unusual lifestyle and simple future fancies

I'm currently a floating home dweller who dreams of owning lots of land for sanctuary, especially goats, and a few select people, especially the one from my own womb, and his friends, who'll probably need an earth caring refuge if we can't get our environmental shit together. 

What makes my blood boil and what I won'​​​​t tolerate

Anyone telling others how to live their life and who to be. Unkindness, cruelty, and superficiality. I'm not a fan of trends because most things that go viral have an energy of conformity in them, unless it's a Wisconsin mom laughing as Chewbaca, and then it's delightfully viralicious.

What have I been doing the last few decades that lead to Soul Translations?

I've been a multilevel and multi gifted empath since I sat in the rose garden in England as a dreamy kiddo talking to celestials and trees, seeing remotely and describing people past and present I had no reason to know about. 

Three near death experiences showed that my childhood flights of fantasy were legit and I've felt and worked with energy and Spirit guidance all my life,

My curiosities and left brain achievements got me into quantum science and healing techniques, Massage Therapy, a Masters and Doctorate in Psychology, coaching, group coaching, training life coaches, and now I connect with clients world over for healing, meaning making, Soul connecting, mediumship, and empath empowerment.

Who's the real Michelle?

A rebel with a cause and a renegade creator. I live in metaphor and multidimensional and am very non physically oriented although most describe me as super earthy and grounded. 

My favorite authors unapologetically examine and inspire humanity by calling out the shadow and shit we do to stay small but do it with humor and irreverently creative wit. 

I love people like you who are messy yet accountable and courageous with their wild hearts, willing to let their Soul's lead even if it scares their pants off. I'd like to believe I am one of those too. I'm doing my best to walk my psychospiritual metaphysical quantum talk, at least most days that end with a Y :P



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    What the heck is Energy Amending?? This is Michelle's magic hocus locus energy work that has helped many many clients shift energy pattern frequencies. Think of it as aura and energy body tweaking. Michelle is able to see stuck points and places of habitual or traumatic breakdowns of quantum energy and she helps coax it into a more flow like state. It's like energy medicine meets shaman shifting meets let that sh*t go support. She see pattern in individuals and the collective pattern of a group and helps nudge the healing to a more flow state.
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    Who can join this? People in Michelle's private  Facebook groups, clients, and those who crave healthy community connections about spiritual and personal growth and also are actively practicing self awareness in their life, work, and relationships.
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    How will this help me? That's up to you really. But Michelle's clientele will tell you is that she is loyal to your Soul and possibilities like a warrior of love can be. 
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    How do we meet? Online via a video platform, Zoom or Facebook Live app, and private sessions are on the phone. You also have the FB groups for check ins, connections, discussions, and inspirations. Once you sign up and are approved you'll receive an email to access our private membership site where all the info you need plus extra bonus materials will be yours.
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    What if I'm an introvert or super private, I mean, um, why the hell would I share how twisted my panties can get with people I don't know?  Because hanging around alone with a wedgie is no fun and certainly not what you really want. And wearing a thong is not the solution. Support and showing up to go for what you want once you know what that is IS:) Believe me, someone is feeling the same stuff you are. We're in this together, we'll get thru it together. Then you can be your glorious unique individual self and still deeply connected to others and run around in your thong or panties all you want, we won't' stop you. Maybe we'll even join you . . .  but if you do go rogue in your thongs don't say I told you to! :P
My promise to you

If you're active and showing up, doing your part, and feel like you're not benefitting from energy work shifts or group and private support after 30 days in this Subscription I'll no questions asked return your charge minus standard transaction fees.

Where you put your energy matters and money is energy, so let's keep it clean and positive. 

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