Want to learn ways to Soul Translate for yourself?

Michelle is devoted to helping those who consider themselves ‘sensitives’, spiritual, and those wanting to identify the ‘sacred quirk’ offering in their life and work that is aligned to their Soul’s genius. Her programs explore in some way the synergistic spot where Soul + sacred mind + energetics comes together for empowered joyfully connected living and creating!

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2017 will bring about the offering of Soul Translation Academy, Michelle’s online platform for self study and private programs to help you:

  • Learn to listen and enhance your intuition
  • Work with elements, avatars, and archetypal symbol in meditation for inner self connections and alignment
  • Practice skills to hone and embody your energetic self for discernment, decisions, and going for your dreams
  • Retrain your brain and thoughts to boost your miracle mindset and manifestation powers
  • Learn to manage your energetics and everyday empathic influences
  • Use divination and meditation for validation
  • Connect to spiritual guides and aspects of Self

And from Michelle’s days as a creative director and brand consultant, a few tools to:

  • Refine the voice, expression and foundation of your brand for Soul based business owners.
  • Identify your WHY behind your business dreams