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Offering Digital and Live Run Courses for Transformation in Spiritual & Professional Growth

Here are a few examples of courses . . .

7 Angles of Awareness for energetic and spiritual connection. Learn More 

A 40 day course thru 10 Tarot Avatars for intuitive idea, dream, and project development. Learn more

The digital + Live version where Soul + Science come together for life transformation. Learn more

An in depth self study course to explore your light and shadow side for greater holistic emotional expression. Learn more.

Michelle Anita Wirta

About Soul Translation Academy

Isn't life curious?! I am wildly passionate about helping those who want to understanding their empathic sensitivities and intuitive abilities, their inborn talents and 'sacred quirks' that make up their unique calling, and their Soul's language so that life feels more aligned and positively activated.

Because when we listen within we act and create and design a life that feels right.

As an Empath I've looked under a million stones and traveled numerous dark and lit paths to explore why I experienced the world and people the way I do. That sensitive, tapping into the unseen or yet seen ways. Know what I mean?

The way that often doesn't fit into the norm, the expected, or the comfortably agreed upon consensus.

But being numb or not aware of the magic and one's connection to universal energies in life is not something to yearn for, no matter how easy it may look to live that way.

Soul Translation Academy is for those who are tired of betraying their Soul and spiritual nature just to fit in. It's for those who want to use their introversion and intuition as a sensitive and self aware super power. It's certainly for those who want to be wildly successful doing the thing that makes their Soul sing that also helps others while they are at it:)

“What I’d say to others, is if you are finding yourself lost in a place of trying to make sense of your life and yourself, working with Michelle will help you to see the bigger matrix of who you are, and the hidden influences on your ability to be at your best. Her Translations, unique and powerful energy work, and coaching is the fast lane to self-knowing and the clarity that I think we all need at times.”

Feroshia Knight
Jane Smith

"I knew intuitively I needed to bring this part of my personality out more, and that perhaps I had been shelving her for too long. It felt so beautiful to see my fullness and honor what I carry within, thank you!"

Jenn Tansim Savage
Shane Melaugh