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Is it time to Treat your Energetic & Spiritual Health on a Regular Basis?

A Sure Way to Create a Fulfilling Future is to Choose Good Energy Everyday.

This is so true for just about everything when you take a moment to think about it. After all, don't we all want to feel good while doing things that make us feel good? Whether that means a work out or a world mission, many of us believe we can have the life, body, or business of our dreams if we work hard enough and get enough chances to make it.

Though it's not that easy, is it? If it were, everyone would be a raging success with a vibrant body that looks smokin' hot in anything. The real deal is that it takes time and dedication, going with the flow, and heaps of focus to discover or remember our true self. To know and trust and live deeply alive from our Soul self. 

The question so many are asking to be answered in the annual 40 + billion dollar self help and self care industries is this. . . How can I know myself enough to trust and express my true self to be happy and also get what I want in life and live from a deep sense of meaning?

Isn't the Energetics of Self Awareness the Key to  Manifesting what We Want?

After all, the science and philosophies of old and quantum physics of today all agree that we are beings made of energy, of star stuff, and quite capable of infinite thought and the imagination to create futures beyond our current knowledge base.

Since we are made of energy how about we consciously care for our personal energetics like we'd ideally treat our bodies or bank accounts?

Your Soul has Something to Say about all This.

Your Soul and your life are talking to you all the time. Your energetic and physical body speak to you everyday. Intuition, power of the thought, and energetics are the primary languages life uses to translate your inner desires and dreams to you.

"We are walking and talking energetic expressions of possibility, divinity,  and individuality, here to create and contribute in the ways we choose and in the ways that chooses us."  ~ Michelle

Painful confusion comes from when you don't believe you can or don't try to tune in to your felt truths and energetics. 

You feel cut off from a source of knowing. Disappointed in yourself from when you betrayed your intuition or thought you KNEW something and it turned out wrong, meaning YOU were 'wrong'.

Some say they feel 'lost' when they may just not be listening. That is the saddest form of lives getting 'lost in translation'.

As The Soul Translator I see this and help people drop false beliefs and disconnection on the daily.

You are here to grow and to know who you are. That is what your Soul has to say about all this. Because when you are happy and aligned you do great things with your life, usually helping others as well in the process because you just can't keep such goodness to yourself.

In times of deep changes, self efficacy and awareness is required, not only as a way to create futures we are excited about living into, but as a crucial survival skill to cope with the rapid shifts in the personal, public, and social sectors of our world.

The best way to stay energized and present in the face of change is to practice and get good at energy awareness and presence.

Energetic Management is a Modern Day Survival Skill

When we dedicate time to work on our self awareness and energetic management practices we will benefit to gain:

Heart Health. All medical research points back to the positive effects that self love, community connections, and mindfulness creates in our lives. 

Direction & Leadership. When you use your energetics to gauge choices you learn to trust your gut, head, and heart more, effecting better decisions and innovations.

Time. When we trust our intuitions and senses we can save days, months, even years of time we'd potentially waste on wrong choices, ideas, relationships, or careers.

When we make our Personal Growth & Energetics a Priority

  • We save time and money to spend it on what matters. 
    TIP: Use the word 'energy' instead of money next time you think you don't have enough and watch your negative belief change instantly! Energy is the purest currency we've got and is limitless.
  • We know when to say "yes!" and when to say " No thanks, that's not for me". TIP: Your energy body can't lie.  From where in your body or which time frame/ frequency you are asking from matters a lot. A lack of well formed questioning skills can mislead you into that spinning "I don't know what I want!" syndrome. 
  • We tap into our superpower of intuition and stop second guessing ourselves.
    TIP: Energy is a straight shooter. Intuition is THE energetic language of our frequency and Soul. You may not believe you can actually converse with your gorgeous Soul, but most of us crave trusting out intuition to have our backs. It's overriding our natural energetic response and BETRAYING ourselves that gets us in trouble most of the time.

What would your life look like by this time next year if you invested into the currency & creativity of your Soul? 

Pardon the pun, but sometimes we simply need a healthy 'Soulution'

There's a saying of 'begin within'. What Soulscriptions will give you is a process and program to help you meet and heal many of those pesky limited beliefs and negative self concepts so that you can be more in tune and attuned to the energies of joy, success, health, and harmony in your self, relationships and work

"What you seek is seeking you"  ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

Energy & Quantum Connections is the Healing Modality of the Future

It's high time to start treating the energetics of our lives and connection to the Power of life around and within us with deep respect. Our planet needs healthy and spiritually empowered humans.

We are leaving the Age of Information and have been quietly entering the Age of Intuition for some time now. Let's keep up with life and energy evolving itself.

" Scientists in prestigious areas around the world have demonstrated that all matter exists in a quantum web of connection and that information transfer is constantly going on between living things and their environments. Our brains are transducers that interpret quantum information picked up from The Field" ~ LynneMcTaggart

Introducing. . . 

A new monthly healing and personal growth program bringing together amazing self development and energetics awareness training PLUS online private Soul-full community connections.

When you join Soulscriptions you will instantly have access to resources and processes all designed to enhance your personal growth thru multi-modality learning and connections. As modern day magic & meaning seekers you also have the options to dive as deep or play on the edges as you feel fits for you.

Here is what makes this program so uniquely awesome for your to treat your Soul and life right. . .

  1.  D.I.Y. to private level learning & support: Sometimes we can transform on auto pilot and other times we crave connection to others' insights and feedback. You choose your level of engagement.
  2. Receive quantum energy clearings as powerful as if you were in private one to one support: How? ~ Because the intentional design and energetics in this program provides group healing that benefits the individuals involved.
  3. Be part of an empowering and ongoing collective on energetics: Sometimes time is tricky. Soulscriptions lets you tap in or out as you need by offering subscription based enrollment and social media connections. 

What others have said about Soulscriptions and Energy Healing.

*This program ran in private Beta form and is now available April 2017 onwards.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I definitely began to feel shifts in the first two weeks - this makes the ongoing benefits very apparent!”

“I really enjoyed it - it's a great concept, and a unique form of support. I thought the interplay between live sessions, recording of the session, video and audio and materials is  great.

Jane Hutton
- The Functional Foodie & Chef

“The delivery of the materials was awesome and the quality very professional. Your video presentations are always top notch!”

“The M.E.T. (Monthly Energy Treatments) surprised me. What a unique way to receive energy amendments and healing! Being on the calls and listening to the other women speak made me aware that the women I considered successful were also having many of the same thoughts and issues I have.”

Linda Boal
- Healer & Nutritionist
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I LOVE that we are addressing specific problem areas that rotate each month. That feels dynamic and will help me evolve and deepen.”

“I love the mixture of practical application and energetic treatments, and hitting things from multiple angles. And, I really appreciate the group work. When I listen to other's experiences it helps to remember and hear my own.

Feroshia Knight
- Owner & Founder of Coaching Training World
  • JOIN to Receive 7 Angles of Awareness for  Monthly Transformation thru . . .
  • ENERGY: Personal energetics + Energy Amending + Brain balancing techniques.
  • CONTEMPLATION: Self development coaching questions + journals.
  • MANIFESTATION: Limited belief clearing + the energy of thought trainings.
  • MEDITATION: Guided relaxation for Soul connection + frequency shifting.
  • INSPIRATION: Where Soul meets science spiritual + quantum discoveries.
  • CONNECTION: Live calls (Level 2 only) and invitation to private Facebook club (Level 1 & 2)
  • ACTIVATION: Exercises to enhance your learning + bonuses created monthly as creativity calls to inspire!

"This woo-woo stuff really works!"

“Michelle is truly gifted in her connection to Universal energies, messages and guides.”

“She clearly saw and observed what was needed to move forward in my life and it rang true for me. She will read your Soul. And get this, she also did a remote viewing and Energy Amending in a 'Soul of Space' Translation on my house that was stuck on the market for over a year. 

I had two showings and an offer that weekend after her sessions and it sold THE day she saw. Her work is truly a blessing!”

Dr. Kelly Edmonds
- E-learning Expert and Course Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

 Michelle was THE catalyst, THE channel for me to be able to recognize and receive the “golden thread” of my life’s work and Soul’s purpose.

What I know to be the most important part of my entrepreneurial life is that I am AUTHENTIC and on my Soul’s path. When I have that clarity, everything else falls into place. The gift of her channeling helped me see how it all fit together and she helped in creating my brand and mission of Life is the Canvas of your Soul.

Whitney Freya
- Creative and Spiritual teacher & Author

“She quite frankly kicks ass. It's been a long time since I've worked with someone with the kind of skill and high vibration Michelle possesses”

“There has been a letting go, a lightening, clarity,  and working with her has finally brought some things full circle and I feel ready to move forward on every level, more so than ever before.

She works in a way with quantum energy intuitively, much like one would with body work. She tapped into everything my Soul wanted me to hear at the time .”

Krystal Indigo Meyer
- Cranial Sacral Therapist and Musician
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“When you called me out I knew intuitively I needed to bring this part of my personality out more, and that perhaps I had been shelving her for too long. It felt so beautiful to see my fullness and honor what I carry within.”

​I love that there are multiple components too. It gives me many ways to engage and I love that you are hitting all learning styles.

You really poured your heart into creating this Michelle!"

Jenn Tansim Savage
- Sufi Master & Path of the Heart Spiritual Mentor

"After a few hard years of a lot of unexpected changes I wanted to have more awareness around my energies that could be affecting my life instead of just adapting to them. Your innate intuitions and depth of knowledge is astounding. Michelle's Soul is so strong in a gentle way and gentle in a profoundly centered strength kind of way. I just feel really safe with you and your style of looking at things.

“My sessions were so elegantly aligned with what I was feeling that it felt like pure magic, and your ability speak to this expansive energy in a way that is not only encouraging, but totally grounding at the same time, is a true gift.

Dena Decastro
- Evolutionary Astrology Teacher & Mentor
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Life is in the details, isn't it? Here they are . . .

  • Monthly remote Energy Amending  performed by Michelle on that month's theme belief block and participants (level 2).
  • Monthly themes change to offer a holistic, emotional, and energetic focus for healing. 
      • Instructional journals on shifting limited beliefs + brain and science Booster Shots of info.
  • Course delivery on an amazing 3rd party platform for subscription ease, payment safety, and streamlined technical delivery of course.

  • Self paced or supported group and private options.
  • Choose your level of engagement per month or as a subscription for continued Soul support.
  • Take part in the 2 live Club calls per month (level 2) and receive weekly touchpoint emails.
  • Private Facebook group for all participants  for connecting and celebrating Soul successes!

  • Instructional videos for powerful daily D.I.Y. Self Care Energetics practices to boost your energy bodies and brain balancing.
  • Bonus materials and discounts to working privately with Michelle (as space allows)

Soul Dose Level 1

Digital Only 

$38/47 month

Soul Dose level 2

Digital + Live  Calls

$88/111 month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Michelle Anita Wirta
Creator of Soulscriptions

About The Soul Translator

Michelle is a high level Empath and medium. Her remote intuitive abilities connect to multidimensional levels of being and to levels within and about her clients to communicate and 'translate' guidance and healing.

She performs remote sessions for 'amending' energetic blocks and disruptions caused from habitual patterning (limited beliefs/habits of mindsets), ancestral and past life inheritance, and past emotional traumas. 

Her path has explored mind, body, and spirit intersections in many fields including clinical psychology, biology, massage and energy work, quantum physics, and divination. Her abilities were active as far back as she remembers but developed more intensely after three near death experiences and other traumatic happenings.

She has dedicated her passions to healthy communication in all forms, including counseling, teaching, coaching, dance, creating and facilitating self development programs, and creative, spiritually based entrepreneurism. 

Why is Treating your Energetics and Increasing your Intuitive Abilities crucial right now?

Our world is changing faster than most of us can emotionally keep up with. We have these brilliant minds and miracles of bodies but as a world of humans many of us are, dare we say, a little dense when it comes to energetic awareness.

Our medical models still mostly treat us as 'the human machine'. Spirituality and energy work is often something associated with  being woo woo, for those 'gifted', or even for those who seem a little 'out there'.

Ironically, it's the 'in here', as in our hearts and bodies, that most of us want to be more connected to, because when we aren't it can create a deep sense of dis-ease and denial of our truest desires.

So why don't we go for self understanding, even if it's a little 'out there',  and bypass the results of not connecting, which can result in a sense of emotional ER.

The greatest POWER we always have to stop the torment of uncertainty is our ​ability to feel into our bodies and emotions and choose the most healing version and frequencies of thoughts and attitude. And, most importantly, choosing a trusting faith in ourselves. When we do that we feel faith in the infinite intelligence and creativity that created us, and that only feeds our energy with light and love and power since that IS what IT is.

Mindset & 'Energy set' & 'Soul set' are Interconnected and Create your Experiences

If you want to stay emotionally in tune and balanced in the rapid evolution we are experiencing then self development and energetic awareness and care IS A MUST.

If you want to stay relevant and resonant with your own life and potential to succeed at anything you do and as who you are, then personal transformation has been and always will be required.

Don't get left behind in the New Age

In physics there's a saying that what you focus on expands. It's also called the observer effect. We change matter by our attention and intention.

"Just as you would not neglect seeds that you planted with hope that they will bear vegetables and fruits and flowers so you must attend to nourish the garden of your becoming.”

~ Jean Houston

When you focus on expansive thoughts, mindsets, and ways of interacting with your world you will expand. If you focus on contracting thoughts, mindsets, and avoiding your true self and the world of possibilities you will contract. You always have the choice of which way to live and feel.

Check out a Snapshot of Years Prescribed Themes!

Let's talk Intentions instead of Info, shall we?

This Program and Michelle intend to serve your highest good to help you:

  • Increase you intuitive and empathic sensitivities 
  • Make more sense of your unique Soul's language for increased self awareness spiritual connection.
  • Make positive changes that brings more joy, prosperity, and peace into your life.
  • Help you move past limited beliefs and energy patterns that hold you back.  
  • Access your imagination in ways that increases visualization, meditation, and manifestation powers.
  • Discover the power of your energetic self and learn how to tune in, clear, and enhance your energy and brain states.
  • Make holistic and healthy decisions that support your Soul's path in life and work.

. . . and these are just the beginning! Imagine how much more you'll shift in your life after months of taking your Soulscriptions!

Soul Dose Level 1

Digital Only - subscription or 1 month

$38/47 per month

Soul Dose level 2

Digital + Live  Calls - subscription or

1 month

$88/111 per month

Program goes Live on April 1st 2017. Join us!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


You can take Soulscriptions in two ways:

The beauty of this program is that you can take it like your vitamins. Sometimes you are good about taking them daily, and other times you up your dosage to ward off or help heal a bigger threat on your vitality.

You decide how much Vitamin "S" you want, but remember, just like working out, your results increase with consistency!

Soul Dose Level 1


  • Fly SOULo with Monthly Energy Treatments and clearing meditations.
  • Access to all digital course materials; audios, meditations, PDFs, video instructions, and BONUSES when created.
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Club.

Soul Dose Level 2

DIGITAL + IN PERSON + Monthly Energy Clearing

  • You receive all direct and remote group Energy Amendments performed by Michelle in the month and on live calls.
  • Access to all course materials, including any bonus materials supplied for each theme.
  • Two (2) live calls per mo. for group clearing, Q&A, discussions, and in personal connections.
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Club 
  • Discounts on private Soul Translations and Energy Amending Sessions with Michelle (6 spots reserved for Club members)
  • Bonus audios & meditations.

When you are ready to go even deeper. . .

Soul Dose Level 3: Inner Soul Club

(Opening June 2017!) 

Private Translations, Amending,  & Conscious Creators Mastermind  - Only 10 spots available!

  • One (1) private remote Soul Translations & Energy Amendment with Michelle and follow up integration session - 5 hrs. total!
  • Two (2) intuitive & dynamic coaching sessions per mo. - 1.5 hrs.
  • Access to all digital course materials; audios, PDFs, and video materials PLUS bonus clearing and meditation audios.
  • Bi-weekly Private Mastermind calls for Conscious Creators who want Soul Biz Collaboration and Accountability - 5 hrs.
  • Maybe in person retreats?! FUN!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Like any personal development program, and life of that matter, you will get out what you put into it. However, if  you feel you don't benefit from this program in any way after a minimum of one (1) month of active involvement just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund for that one month of enrollment.

Got Questions? 

How do these remote energy treatments work?

Who is this course best for?

How do I know these treatments are working?

How do I attend the program?

What if I can't make a live call?

Why would I take the level #1 instead of #2 or vice versa?

Soul Dose Level 1

Digital Program  

$38/47 month

Soul Dose level 2

Digital Program + Live  Calls

$88/111 month

Program goes Live on April 1st 2017. Join us!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed