Receive Soul Level Guidance & Energy Clearing

Are you ready to commune with your Divine Self & spirit team for powerful life changes?

These sessions are if you are ready for deep personal revelation, pattern shifting and healing, and profound Soul and spiritual realm communications. They are life changing and best suited for courageous and open minded clients.

No two sessions are alike just as every client’s journey is unique. Your question is brought into a mediumship state where Michelle receives information thru multiple high level empath channels of perception, including quantum guided energy ‘amending’ needed for optimal energetic health, mind – body connection, and individual empowerment and life expression.

Your Translations includes:

  • A preliminary call to ascertain fit and readiness
  • An application intake
  • Three sessions; The remote session Michelle performs for you, your video, and a follow up integration session.
  • Live Translations sessions can be arranged for established clientele

Contact Michelle below and schedule your 30 minute discovery call.

Empower your Sensitivities & Connectivity

Wanting interactive energy & intuitive practices for greater empowerment as an empath or healer?

We are all born intuitive and some of us are born as empaths. Sadly, many of us bury our natural sensitivities and perceptions of other levels of knowing, feeling, and connecting from experiences and people that made us question ourselves and our senses.

Thru an intimate one to one mentoring program Michelle works first hand with a few clients who care to go far deeper into their natural empathic and intuitive abilities. These spots, when available, are best suited for;

  • empaths who work as bodyworkers or healers that hold back from fears of energetic and emotional entanglement.  
  • empathic entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their intuition in decision making and discernment.
  • Service based empathic entrepreneurs who are introverted yet have a inner pull to go bigger and want to make sure they grow with their personal integrity intact.

Private Mentoring requires:

  • An application intake (when spots are open)
  • 2 sessions per month (2 month minimum)
  • Live Translations and Energy Amending within sessions when necessary
  • Interactive LIVE experiences of remotely working with energy practices, intention, empathic resonance, frequency shifting, channeling, self care practices, boundaries in energetic connections, and more. 

Contact Michelle below and schedule your 30 minute discovery call.

Activate Catalytic Clarity & Creativity in Life or Business

Is it time to blast thru confusing choices, clear the clouds, and bring calmness after the storm?

Soul Storming is much like brain storming but includes all parts of you for holistic inspiration, intuitive clarity, and creative wham bam possibilities! These intensives are for those who are ready to stop second guessing themselves, stop trying to fit in or get it ‘right’.

They are for spiritual warriors and creative catalyst who must stop storming in their heads and start deciding on their destiny. It’s all about you and your gorgeous Soul’s and life’s potential for greatness and to have a life you feel grateful for every day.

Soul Storming intensives include:

  • A 7 step holistic process for rapid fire inquiry and clarity
  • >>For entrepreneurs<< Consultancy on the energetic alignment of your brand, concepts, identity cohesion, offering(s), and course/product naming and/or creative messaging.
  • >>for life adventurers<< Intensive coaching around life and path possibilities and blocks to change
  • A built in objective and empathic surrogate to bounce your ideas off of for energetic resonance and refinement
  • Two 2 hr. intensives for in depth storming and Soul coaching (4 hrs. total) – live or digital
  • A 30 day post storm check up call

Contact Michelle below to set up a 30 minute discovery call.

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